Super Duper Messaging Manager

Take Control of Your Text Messaging Apps

With the large variety of text messaging apps available today, You need a App that gives you the control
to manage how each one funtions to ensure that you are protected.

Easy as 1-2-3

INSTALL Super Duper Messaging Manager from the Google Play Marketplace Super Duper Messaging Manager is simply a text message feature manager that enables you to monitor and prioritize the apps on your device that handle SMS messages.
SET SDMM as your "Default" text messaging app on your device From your home screen, Open Settings and tap on Wireless & Networks. Go into "More". If running Android 4.4 tap the option for "Default SMS App". A window will appear with all apps that could be a potential SMS App. Select "Super Duper SMS".
MANAGE your SMS features through Super Duper Messaging Manager Super Duper Messaging Manager will manage the SMS feature apps that you currently have installed on your device. If additional apps are required for text messages to be handled properly, Super Duper Messaging Manager will notify you. Super Duper SMS will prioritize your apps based on install date unless customized by you through SuperDuper Messaging Manager.