Integrate your App with Super Duper Messaging Manager

When users set SDMM as "Default SMS App" on Android v.4.4(KitKat) your pre-KitKat app features will work again.
New apps can do things not possible with other Default SMS App options. SDMM supports many pre-KitKat SMS features,
such as Antispam, along with creating a platform for new features.

Protocol and Platform Technical Specifications

Pre-processing SMS System-like SMS processing even for non-system apps Apps that need pre-processing access to SMS messaging can now get it like never before. SDMM prioritizes the SMS delivery process so that both developers and users get a predictable experience.

SDMM Protocol KitKat standardizes SMS/MMS processing so take advantage of it! KitKat SMS/MMS processing is finally standardized across carriers and manufacturers. SDMM is the first to create a protocol for processing, accessing and manipulating messages. We are adding new protocol standards to enhance both message processing and the text messaging experience.

SDMM Platform Introduce new messaging options and apps quickly and easily
App developers have an opportunity to introduce new SMS/MMS features like never before. Want to create a new type of message? Want to create a "sticker" store? SDMM can support these and more!

Extensible Much like HTML/CSS, SDMM relies on an extensible protocol and platform SDMM as the basis for new and creative features, and we have left the door open to ideas beyond our own! If you have a feature or concept that needs support, you just need to contact us! We have an open source SDK that allows you to contribute to the protocol and platform.


The SDMM protocol is based on the standard Android content provider feature.
With authority-based queries and responses, we can extend the protocol to support unlimited features!


The SDMM platform enables existing apps to work on KitKat. It also provides a new and simple way for users to discover messaging apps, products and features like never before!


Integrating your android app with SDMM is quick and easy.
Take the first step by downloading the SDK and looking at the supported features!