Super Duper SMS Text Message Manager

Welcome to Super Duper Messaging Manager!

When designated as the "Default" text messaging app in Android V4.4(KitKat), SDMM gives users the control to
manage SMS features on their device. The interface enables multiple SMS apps (stock alternative, anti-spam, data backup,
autoreply, etc) to function seemlessly.


Take control of your text messaging. Effectively manage all the great SMS feature apps available and ensure that they function properly based on your specific needs.


Alternative solution to being listed as "Default" SMS app on Android v.4.4(KitKat). With Super Duper Messaging Manager, your app becomes instantly compatible.

Get SDK.

Simple integration and operation that will not break your app. Get the open source SDK for Android to enable your SMS Feature App to work with Android v4.4(KitKat).

SDMM Access Types

Once an SMS App has been registered with SDMM, that app will be placed in a specific category based on its primary function. SDMM will manage the incoming SMS messages and handle the message properly for the user based on user settings. Apps will be prioritized by date of install unless set specifically by the user.

Registering the App with SDMM is critical to ensure the app handles the message properly.